My name is Tomasz Popiel and I'm the wedding photographer who lives and delivers photography service on Thassos island in Greece.

I would like to tell you a little bit about me and the greatest passion in my life which is photography.

My interest in photography it follows from my character, in which is an irresistible curiosity about the world, places and people. It enables me to capture moments, emotions and events that I would like to kept.
The development of this passion was also fostered by my professional activity, in which I used a camera on a daily basis.

At my photography I always seek an interesting perspective point of view to find the perfect angle which will allow me to capture outstanding frames , I try to propose exceptional location and undiscovered spots on Thassos island, carefully picking the right time of day for the photo shoot when the light is smooth and pleasant but other than that I'm following the motto:

> "I does not matter what you are looking at, but it really matters what you can see".

As a wedding photographer on Thassos, I had the chance to make wedding reports and participate in photo sessions in which I have the opportunity to capture those unique moments that are important for each couple, unconcealed emotions, sincere and touching feelings associated with them.
In my wedding photos, I try to capture the specific character and the mood of this sublime event giving them this artistic expression so that they would be a great souvenir that would restore the mood of those events every time you look at them.

My photography offer includes photo shoot of preparation bride and groom, wedding ceremony itself, wedding reception, dedicated photo session at location and video footage if it's needed.
If you are interested any of this and you would like to enquire or book a photo shoot please feel free to contact me via email or just call me:

Phone: +30 695 519 6899
Whatsapp / Viber: +48 500 101 902